Energy and Electricity for Plebs — Plebucation for Bitcoiner’s #1 — Basics and Mining

We have to eat our Veges first

Ohm’s Law — One law to rule them all.

AC and DC systems.

Figure 2. AC Pure Sine Wave — Source:


Figure 1. Beer and power analogy

The formula for power?

What’s a Watt?

What’s a Kilowatt?

What’s a Kilo-watt-hour?

Tie it all together.

  1. What is the power rating of the equipment?
  2. What is the required voltage supply of the equipment
  3. What is the voltage supply at my house?
  4. What is the current draw?
  5. What is the rating of my electrical installation at home?
  6. Am I likely to burn my house down? (joking….not joking)
Figure 3. Specs for the Antminer s19 Pro — source:
  1. We can see that the rating is 3250W.
  2. The equipment can operate with a voltage between 190–240V AC
  3. My supply voltage at home is 230V (Australian standard)
  4. What is the current draw? ………..Math time.

Going Big


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Investing, Hard Money, Bitcoin and Guitars.

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Daz Bea

Daz Bea

Investing, Hard Money, Bitcoin and Guitars.

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